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Solar Generator

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"Fighter Pilot" Battery!


Originally designed so fighter-pilots could literally fly upside down in combat, this remarkable battery was a breakthrough for military aircraft where extreme power, light-weight, ​reliability and proven safety under extreme conditions were a life-saving necessity.

The very same technology can help you and your family survive any blackout, brownout or power outage.

​Dear Friend,

​We're back with the hottest, most exciting new product news to come out of Powerful Living ​in 2020. Introducing...

The Upgraded Portable Power 1800 System

Now With 250-Watt Panel ​

This is our latest portable power breakthrough. In a sense, it's a true work of art in terms of simplicity and performance. But make no mistake, it's not a work of art that's delicate. It's a work of art that's tough, practical and extremely functional!

In just a minute, I'll tell you about all about the benefits of owning one of these amazing new portable solar backup generators.

But first, let me tell you three reasons why NOW is the best time to get one.

Reason Why #1: For a very limited time and as long as our inventories last...

You Can Get This $2995 Solar Generator For Just $1995.00 Plus Shipping And Handling ​As Part Of This Private Sale!

Reason Why #2: With the election now being contested... we move into one of the most dangerous periods in our county’s history. The old–guard establishment is remains bound and determined to “take-down” Donald Trump, the middle class and America as we know it.

​Bottom Line: ​Our situation is dangerous... and that means... there's never been a better time to have a backup power generation system in place.

Reason Why #3: With winter weather on the way... ​weather-related power outages are always close behind. The fact is, during this time of year, a good strategy is to expect the unexpected. ​

Here in Northern Illinois... its usually ice on the lines that takes our power out.​

And it’s not just the weather...

​Do a quick Google News search for “power outages” and “threats to the power grid” and ​you'll find plenty of...

Grid Vulnerability Issues

NEWSMAX: US Still Unprepared for Electric Armageddon

By Dr. Peter Vincent Pry

If you think the coronavirus is frightening, wait until a solar superstorm or electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack blacks-out the national electric grid, collapses the economy and critical infrastructures for food and water, and 9-of-10 Americans die of starvation.

One year ago, President Trump issued his excellent "Executive Order on Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses" (March 26, 2019) responding to 20 years of warnings by the EMP Commission that solar super-storms, or man-made EMP from nuclear or non-nuclear weapons, poses an existential threat to the U.S. and to global electronic civilization.

Mandated by the EMP Executive Order is a progress report to President Trump from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Energy (DOE), and other relevant parts of the U.S. Government due to the White House on March 26, 2020.

My newly published book "The Power and the Light: The Congressional EMP Commission’s War To Save America 2001-2020" ​is my progress report to the American people on implementation of EMP national preparedness:

—Obama-holdovers and Deep State bureaucrats who are EMP non-experts and have long opposed national EMP preparedness for reasons ideological, political, and personal, not least stupidity, are largely in charge of “implementing” President Trump’s EMP Executive Order.

—The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved Standard for natural EMP/GMD is merely 8 volts/kilometer, far too low, and should be at least three times higher (24-30 volts/kilometer).

—The EMP Commission recommended EMP/GMD Standard is over ten times higher: 85 volts/kilometer, so the national grid would survive a worst-case solar storm or the long-wavelength threat (E3 EMP) from nuclear EMP attack.

There is still no FERC approved Standard for E1 EMP, the short-wavelength electromagnetic “shockwave” from a nuclear EMP attack that would do the most damage to most electronics. Protection against E1 EMP (50-100 kilovolts/meter) would also mitigate lesser threats from non-nuclear EMP weapons and system-generated over-voltages from cyber-attacks, physical sabotage, and severe weather like hurricanes.

—The deeply erroneous Obama-era EMP report by the Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee (JAEIC) and the more recent so-called “Tri-Labs EMP Report”, both written by a small number of non-experts parroting each other, continue to circulate misinforming U.S. officials and damaging national security. Both reports are highly classified, apparently to protect them from scrutiny and criticism from real EMP experts, while being invoked to prevent mid-level officials (who lack the clearances) from protecting their assets from EMP.

The EMP Commission wrote a classified rebuttal and recommended the recall of these reports, including in letters to Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Dan Coates and DNI Joseph Maguire, which recommendations have been ignored, to the grave harm of our nation.


—The DHS “National EMP Strategy” drafted at the direction of Senator Ron Johnson’s excellent Critical Infrastructure Protection Act underestimates the EMP threat and is deeply flawed.

—Bogus analysis that grossly underestimates natural and nuclear EMP threats by the Electric Power Research Institute, a lobby for the electric power industry masquerading as a think tank, is being funded by DOE and wrongly treated by DHS as analytically sound, even though the EPRI Reports have been critiqued and proven erroneous by the EMP Commission and the USAF Electromagnetic Defense Task Force.

Years ago, in 2001, Operation Dark Winter by the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Bio-defense Strategies and Center for Strategic and International Studies simulated a biological attack on the United States, producing an excellent documentary "Dark Winter" about the war-game, that shocked and galvanized Congress to act.

Legislation and resources were invested, recommendations were supposed to have been implemented, to protect U.S. citizens from catastrophic Biological Warfare (BW).

Yet today, the coronavirus, which is chiefly a psychological threat, is having disastrous economic and societal consequences. What happened to BW preparedness?

For the $2 trillion that will be spent on the coronavirus, we could harden all critical infrastructures against EMP; deploy space-based missile defense Brilliant Pebbles before the end of a second term in office by President Trump; modernize the entire U.S. nuclear deterrent from top to bottom (including new missiles, bombers and submarines; new nuclear weapons; and a completely renovated nuclear scientific-industrial base) and have over $1 trillion to spare.

The strategy of pretending to do something, but really doing nothing, and then throwing money at the threat when it happens, will get millions of Americans killed when there is an EMP.


Dr. Peter Vincent Pry is executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security. He served on the Congressional EMP Commission as chief of staff, the Congressional Strategic Posture Commission, the House Armed Services Committee, and the CIA. He is author of  “The Power And The Light: The Congressional EMP Commission’s War To Save America 2001-2020”.

​I think you get the idea. We continue to live in dangerous times.

But on an ordinary "day to day" level... power outages are still ​a weekly (if not daily) occurrence ​for many in the U.S. And with the upcoming winter… snow and ice season always packs a wallop when it comes to ​weather related blackouts.

So now is the time to get prepared. And that's where the new Portable Power 1800 Solar Backup Generator comes in. It's a perfect solution to any “lights out” scenario you may find yourself in

Here are some of the benefits this amazing new piece of breakthrough technology offers you:

  • Instant backup electrical power in any outage! (It doesn't matter what causes your power outage, you'll be prepared at all times. Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your loved ones will be safe when the lights go out.)
  • An endless supply of FREE electricity that's automatically stored for use when you need it most... like a very efficient home power plant! (Further, you can keep appliances plugged in permanently to reduce electricity bills... that way...over time, the unit will literally more than pay for itself with the money you save.)
  • Simple plug-n-play technology that's still extremely powerful! (One person can set it up in a few minutes and start running AC & DC appliances and small USB-powered devices anywhere, anytime.)
  • Replaces (and is superior to) gas generators! (Unlike gas generators, a solar generator has no maintenance, no noise, no trouble starting in cold weather conditions, can be run in your house because it emits no fumes or deadly carbon monoxide... and... most importantly, doesn’t require gas. The reason that’s the most important thing is... DURING OUTAGES YOU CAN’T GET GAS BECAUSE GAS PUMPS REQUIRE ELECTRICITY TO WORK!)

  • Complete portability! (If you ever need to evacuate your area—for any reason—the unit’s lightweight, compact size and integrated lifting handles allow you to throw it in your vehicle and go! That means, you’ll never have to worry about being without power in any area... at any time... in any situation.)
  • Total immunity to government interference or control! (Many feel that the new Smart Grid/Smart Meter technology—which President Obama earmarked $ 3.25 Billion to implement as part of “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009”—is but one more nail in the coffin of individual freedom and liberty in this country. However, always remember this... the government doesn’t—and can’t—own the sun.)

  • Small Office/Home Office Backup Power — It will run a laptop, desktop, 20” LCD or CRT monitor, 60 Watt office lamp, 4-in-1 copier/printer/fax/scanner, Internet modem, VoIP phone, mobile phone and cordless phone.
  • Multiple Uses: Run essential appliances in an emergency, such as: a fridge, freezer, and a sump pump. Recharge mobile and cordless phones, run shortwave radios, TVs, lights, an electric fireplace, furnace fans, computers, printers and much more!

  • Great for use in an RV, cabin, while camping... or... any other outdoor activities. (You can enjoy the outdoors while still “sneaking in” the creature comforts electricity provides!)
  • An automatic, seamless switch to backup power in an outage so appliances and other sensitive electronics won't “feel” or be damaged by a sudden loss/surge situation.
  • Runs power tools, trimmers, blowers and more to help you complete jobs around the house and yard.
  • Perfect for outdoor vending situations like a farmers market or fair... and... it will work beautifully for camping or a family gathering at park. You'll have all the power you need for all your devices right with you!
  • Operates up to 6 devices simultaneously (2 AC, 2 DC, 2 USB)! (Also, because the cable connects the generator to the solar panel with an included DC socket, you can charge and use the unit at the same time!)
  • Comes with a sealed, non-spillable, maintenance-free lead/acid battery—housed in a nearly indestructible outer case—that’s more versatile than newer lithium-ion technology... because... it operates in a wider range of temperatures and charging conditions. (By the way, this type of battery was originally developed for military fighter aircraft so they could fly upside down!)

  • It’s simple to use with a very easy to understand backlit display... and... a single on/off switch! (Additional solar panels can be added to generate even more solar power.)
  • It’s the most powerful of our portable solar generator units to date... with a 100 amp hour battery that is ALMOST 70% BIGGER THAN ANY OTHER PREVIOUS PORTABLE UNITS!
  • Comes with an ultra-efficient 50 Watt Solar Panel. (That means maximum power in minimum time!)
  • The 7 1/2 inch heavy-duty wheels and collapsible luggage-style handle makes it a breeze to roll around... even on rough terrain! And the built-in lifting handles make it easy to pick up and put in your vehicle.
  • It’s our most feature-rich unit to date. (The backlit display shows power input from the solar panels in watts... power input from AC while charging in watts... power output to receptacles in watts. And more. All the info you will ever need to run it is always shown on the display, so you never have to select from a complicated menu or anything!)
  • There’s a new fuel-gauge type of display showing how much energy is left in the battery... and... a brand new feature, a gauge that gives you the estimated amount of time left in the unit under the load applied at any given time! For example: If you are running a lamp, laptop or iPod... the unit tells how many hours or minutes are left!

  • There are 2 AC 120 OUTLETS... just like your outlets at home, 2 DC 12v cigarette lighter-type outputs for items like fans and air pumps. And, there are 2 USB outputs for recharging your small personal electronic devices. (Further, all the outlets come with hinged, spring-loaded covers that make them splash/waterproof!)
  • A storage compartment on the top that's big enough to store the AC cord, owner's manual... and... still have enough left over space for other small devices you might want to carry around... like an mp3 player or GPS unit... which... of course, can be charged by the unit!

  • Simple to set up and use. On the side there's an AC input port with a built-in circuit breaker... and fuse protection for DC functions... both of which are easy to get to. The fuses are standard automotive fuses... so... almost no matter where you are, if you blow a fuse, you can find replacement fuses very easily. Walmart—and other superstores—drug stores, automotive stores... even some convenience stores will carry them.
  • You can jump-start your car with the battery terminal outputs on the back of the unit. Or, and this is really neat... you can hook up an extra battery in parallel to the internal battery to increase run times outdoors!

UNPARALLELED BATTERY SAFETY! Many people think having powerful batteries in their home is dangerous. But, that's not the case at all with the Portable Power 1800's Absorbed Glass Mat sealed battery. Here's why: These batteries were specifically designed for military fighter aircraft so they could (1) Fly upside down under extreme conditions, and (2) withstand leakage if they were to crash for some reason. Further, Absorbed Glass Mat batteries require zero maintenance and are sealed in a nearly bulletproof case. In fact, they are spill/leakage resistance even when broken!

Here's what all this means to you:

  • Breakthrough "Safe Family" Technology – no emitted gasses (hydrogen and oxygen gasses re-combine into water)

  • Loses no water – gasses re-combine into water during use and recharging

  • Very low internal resistance – allows large current flows with minimal internal heating

  • Very responsive to changing loads – due to low internal resistance
  • Charges up to 5 times faster than flooded cell batteries
  • Can be used in any position (100% spill proof construction) (won’t spill even if case cracks)
  • (Acid encapsulated in glass mats that won’t leak even if exposed)
  • Better cycle life than flooded cell batteries
  • Vibration resistance due to sandwiched mat construction
  • Stands up extremely well to cold temperatures
  • Zero maintenance, except for keeping it charged and clean

You'll enjoy all these and many more benefits from the Portable Power 1800 Solar Generator.

Here's The Offer. For As long as we have inventory:

The retail price of the system is $2,995.00. However, until the inventory is gone... you can get the Portable Power 1800 at... $1995.00 (Plus $297.00 shipping and handling)

Until The Four Remaining

Units Are Sold​... 

Just $1,995.00

​Plus... receive these bonuses

FREE upgrade to 250-watt "fast charge" panel Value $500.00

FREE upgrade to 100-Amp Hour Battery  $200.00

FREE upgrade to 100-ft heavy-duty solar extension cable – Value $300.00

FREE upgrade to 3-year warranty – Value $300.00

Upgrade Total - $1300.00

Quick warning... we only have 4 Portable Power 1800 units “staged and set aside” for this sale. And once they're gone, that's it. In fact, sometimes… when we get units tested and ready… they only last a few hours... because... this announcement is going out first... to a handful of you guys... then later to quite a large number of people.

So... if you’re serious and you want one… don’t wait. If you wait even a day or two, it may be too late!

​You'll never have to wait for the utility companies to turn your power back on again.


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